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Private Sector, Civil Society Seek Greater Involvement in Regional Integration

May 3-5, 2011
East African Hotel, Arusha, Tanzania

The workshop will bring together key actors in the Private Sector and Civil Society from all the EAC Partner States to discuss modalities for effective and popular participation and involvement in the EAC integration process.

Article 7 (a), (d) of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community states that : the principles that shall govern achievement of the objectives of the Community shall include : (a) “people–centred and market driven co-operation” and (d) “the principle of subsidiary with emphasis on multi-level participation and the involvement of the wide range of stake-holders in the process of integration”.

It is in this context that an EAC institutionalized dialogue mechanism needs to be formulated to ensure all stakeholders intervene in all priority working areas of the Community. Cross-cutting issues such as gender have to also be considered in the formulation of the mechanism given that Article 5 (3,e) of the Treaty spells out the importance of gender that : “the mainstreaming of gender in its endeavors and the enhancement of the role of women in cultural, political, economic and technological development”.

In order to enhance the dialogue between the EAC Secretariat and Civil Society/Private Sector Organizations, there is need to operate through networks which are fully recognized at the Secretariat level and therefore capacitated to create the basis for an institutionalized dialogue with the EAC, to advocate at the regional level on behalf of national organizations and to deal with thematic areas as diverse as the working areas of its members.

It is imperative to note that multiplying opportunities for consultation and feed-back will ensure that the people of East Africa, through their various organizations, are part of the consultative process of the Community.

For more information please contact : Owora Richard Othieno, Head of Department ; Corporate Communications and Public Affairs ; Tel : +255 784 835021 ; Email : othieno@eachq.org


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