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Launch of the Africa Platform for Development Effectiveness (APDev)

March 27, 2011
Addis Ababa

Endorsed by the 15th AU Assembly of July 2010, APDEv is a continent-wide physical and virtual multi-stakeholder forum mobilizing policy makers and practitioners to engage on strategies to achieve sustainable development results. With capacity enhancement as the core driver for Development Effectiveness, APDEv promotes the realization of African development objectives through good practice exchanges, focusing on South-South Cooperation (SSC) and Aid reform.

The platform is Jointly coordinated by the AU Commission and NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency (NPCA).

The coordination of APDEv is supported by an Oversight Committee, which comprises key stakeholders and is designed to provide policy advice and operational guidance for the Platform.

- APDEv Week

- Concept Note and Discussion Paper, Task Team Work-Session

- Draft agenda (March 27,2011)

- Task Team on “The State of Capacity Development in Africa Report” (Africa-CDR)

- Working Session on Development Effectiveness : Developing the African Consensus Paper

- Agenda

- Operational Framework, Programmes and Portal

  • Preparatory events

- Presentation made by Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki at the Second Regional Event on AE, SSC and CD on Advancing AE/SSC/CD knowledge exchange and mutual learning for Collective Action - November 2010.

On 2-3 September 2010, the African Union Commission (AUC) and NEPAD Agency convened a Technical Consultative Meeting, which brought together a technical team comprising capacity development and knowledge management experts ; development management practitioners ; policy analysts and advisers ; as well as experts in regional integration, development assistance management and issues in South-South Cooperation. Overall, participation was drawn from country-level policymaking and tertiary education institutions, and private sector and civil society organizations. The objective of the Technical Consultation was to discuss, share information and knowledge and provide guidance on the design and implementation of the Africa Platform for Development Effectiveness (APDev).
- Outcomes Report of Technical Consultative Meeting on the Africa Platform on Development Effectiveness - November 2010.


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