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Experts polish EAC good governance protocol

Deputy Secretary General, Ms Beatrice Kiraso, said here yesterday that the framework on good governance protocol was necessary for political federation of partner states since there are several issues that have to be standardised and harmonised.

Addressing experts on good governance from the EAC partner states of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda at Sal Salnero Hotel for the final draft of the protocol, she urged them to make sure that the draft was comprehensive to include, among others, economic and corporate governance.

Later, addressing a press conference, Ms Kiraso mentioned the five fundamental principles in the protocol including constitutionalism, rule of law and access to justice to ensure that all actions and decisions by any of the partner country likely to affect the public shall be in accordance with the national constitution.

According to the protocol, the partner states shall promulgate just laws that are in conformity with human rights standards and norms, facilitate effective systems of administration and state apparatus in a manner that guarantees social justice, prevention of conflicts, political stability and peace.

Ms Kiraso mentioned other pillars of the draft protocol as protection of human rights and promotion of equal opportunities under which partner states shall undertake to cooperate in ensuring that citizens enjoy fundamental freedoms and human rights taking into account their universality, interdependence and indivisibility.

The strategies for promotion of equal opportunities include, among others, establishment by partner states mechanism for equitable access and utilization of public resources as well as encouraging partner states to review existing laws and policies, abolish retrogressive cultures, customs and traditions which are against the dignity, welfare or interest of women and other marginalized groups.

Democracy and democratisation was another pillar of the draft protocol whose implementation strategies are intended, among others, to establish independent electoral commissions that are adequately funded from consolidated funds and develop a mechanism for vetting in the appointment of commissioners and other senior officers based on merit and professionalism.

Preventing and Combating Corruption is another pillar of the draft protocol intended at raising awareness among partner states that corruption undermines good governance and undertakes to cooperate in wiping it out and institutionalize ethics and integrity in the region through various mechanisms and strategies.

Source : Tanzania Daily News


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