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Atelier régional de formation sur la charte Africaine sur les Valeurs et les Principes du Service Public et de l’Administration

5-10 novembre 2012
Dakar, Sénégal

The training workshop is in tandem with the CAMPS theme “Capacity Development for the future capability of African Public Service” and therefore capacity building plays a critical role in the Ministers Programme. This will be achieved by strengthening MDIs both at national and continental level to enable them align their training modules with provisions of the Charter, taking into consideration their respective tradition and levels of public service. It also takes care of status and efforts by countries emerging from post conflict to reconstruct their public service systems. In addition, the workshop is expected to bring together community of practitioners and policy implementers for the purpose of experience sharing.

The training on the Charter and LTS is going to be done in accordance with the Capacity Development Strategic Plan of CAMPS which has clearly identified areas of focus. It is therefore going to be rolled out in phases and each phase should inform the need and focus of the next phase. Capacity development is undoubtedly critical to the future prospects of the continent and the implementation of the charter is inevitable. African countries must improve the performance of their public sectors if they are to achieve their goals of reducing poverty, accelerating economic growth and providing better services to their citizens with an overall objective of achieving an efficient and effective public service as defined by the Charter. The training will also enhance capacity building, policy formulation and implementation to facilitate economic development and enable Member States to have strong performance management systems that will eventually prevent and eradicate corruption.

Once trained, Member States will be informed of the need to enact laws and adopt strategies to fight corruption through the establishment of independent anti-corruption institutions ; constantly sensitizing public service agents and users on legal instruments, strategies and mechanisms used to fight corruption ; institute national accountability and integrity systems to promote value-based societal behavior and attitude as a means of preventing corruption ; and promoting and recognizing exemplary leadership in creating value-based and corruption free societies. This will definitely lead to an effective and efficient public service with sound economic governance especially in mobilization and utilization of the scarce resources.


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