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Africa Leadership Forum

The Africa Leadership Forum (ALF) is Africa’s premier civil society organization. The forum grew out of the need to assist in improving the capacity and competence of African leaders to tackle development challenges confronting Africa. The establishment of ALF was not fortuitous. It was in respond to a number of pressing, challenges facing post independence Africa.

The motivation behind the setting up of ALF was the wide spread and palpable crises of leadership and management across Africa. Part of ALF mission is to develop leadership capacities in Africa in order to increase productivity of major actors in government, parliament, business and civil society with a view to creating enabling conditions for the development of the continent in an environment of peace, stability and security.

A range of high-level conferences, seminars, workshops and publications address the quest for effective leadership, efficient management and enhancement of leadership skills.

Africa Leadership Forum
ALF PLAZA, Number One Bells Drive,
Km 9, Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria .
Telelephone : (+234) 807 463 4176, 0807 389 1719
Fax : +234 (0)1 7100 432