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Leadership & Governance Africa 2013

Du 27 au 28 novembre 2013 | Hilton Hotel Nairobi, Kenya.

Effective governance is an essential ingredient in allowing government and businesses to flourish and give people faith in their society. Even today, corrupt and unrepresentative governments destroy opportunities for progress. The result of lack of leadership is continued poverty for millions of men, women and children. Many African countries lack a broadly shared vision of the future that effectively combines the demands of globalisation with local values. This summit is designed to capture the energy, determination and talent of an emerging generation of leaders in Africa, and to also inspire the present pool of leaders to move from success to significance. The aim is to create a continent wide community of like-minded people, whose main priority is to alleviate poverty in Africa and take Africa into the next desired level.

The summit will focus on giving a better understanding of what good governance is and the challenges facing Africa, as well as give an insight on the different types of leaders needed for a prosperous Africa today.

Benefits of Attending :
• Achieving Equitable And Sustainable Growth Through Proper Leadership
• Looking At The Role Of Civil Society In The Good Governance Agenda
• Good governance - where we started and where we are now
• Re-engineering African political leadership through good governance for sustainable development and growth in Africa
• Ensuring African Renewal And A Good Fight Against Corruption By Introducing Intellectual Leaders
• Ensuring Economic Progress And Continuity In Africa By Implementing Succession Planning
• Moving Towards A Strategic Framework For Strengthening Governance Of Trade And Investment In Africa

Publié le 28 octobre 2013

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