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Décisions de la réunion technique de l’Architecture Africaine de la Gouvernance

11-12 juin 2013, Abuja, Nigeria

1. The Platform objectives shall be guided by the provisions of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance particularly Article 45 which are :

• Facilitating dialogue and share of best practices among Platform Members and Member States ; • Fostering effective implementation of norms and standards on democracy, governance and human rights among Member States ; • Providing technical support to Member States ; and • Enhancing citizens’ engagement and inclusiveness particularly women and youth.

2. The AGA Platform clusters shall be as follows :

• Governance : Public Service ; Local government ; Transparency, Accountability and Integrity • Democracy : Elections ; and Democracy Assessments • Human Rights ; • Constitutionalism and Rule of Law ; and • Humanitarian Affairs.

3. The AGA Platform should establish closer linkages and collaboration with the African Peace and Security Architecture(APSA) as well as enhancing cooperation and interaction with the Regional Economic Communities (RECs).

4. Establish a Committee to review the key documents of the Platform :

• Composition : The Committee shall be made up of six people/members : 2 from the African Union Commission, 2 from CSOs, 1 from the RECS, 1 from NEPAD/APRM

• Mandate/ToR of the Committee :

o Examine the implications and requisite processes of formalizing the AGA and Platform ; o Review and revise the Platform Rules of Procedure ; o Review the state reporting guidelines in line with the charter ; o Explore innovative and sustainable resource mobilization strategy including the possibility of establishing a Governance and Democracy Fund ; o Review the Conceptual Framework Document in line with the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance ; o Review the Implementation Strategy and Plan of Action of the Platform. o Review the background document on indicators and benchmarking framework

• Timeline : The Committee shall submit a report by the end of August 2013.

5. The second Technical Meeting of the Platform shall be convened in September 2013 followed by the Political Meeting in October 2013.

6. The agenda for the Political Meeting shall include consideration and adoption of the following :

• Revised rules of procedure and framework document ; • Resolution on formalizing the AGA platform ; • State reporting guidelines ; • An indicators and benchmarking framework • A resource mobilization strategy ; • Implementation Strategy and Action Plan of the Platform ; and • The election of Members of the Bureau.

7. The High Level Dialogue on Governance and Democracy in Africa : Trends, Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects that is scheduled to be held in Dakar, Senegal in November 2013 shall form part of the Platform Dialogue Initiatives.

8. The State of Governance and Democracy in Africa Report shall be the flagship knowledge and data generation product outcome of the Platform.

9. The Platform should ensure that indicators are developed for benchmarking as envisaged by Article 44 of the Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance for the review of state reports and production of Annual State of Democracy and Governance Report.

10. The APRM reports and reports of other AU organs and RECs shall provide the baseline data and information for benchmarking andpreparation of the state of governance report.

11. Members of the Platform shall bear the cost of their participation in the activities of the Platform.

12. The AGA Platform methods of work and engagement should employ innovative tools and technology particularly in the dissemination and sharing of information, data and resources.

Publié le 12 juin 2013