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Promouvoir la redevabilité démocratique en Afrique

This project is designed to support programme implementation during the two next years of substantive work by the Africa Governance Institute (AGI) as a pan-African think tank on governance. As the initiating partner of this venture for the promotion of democratic, accountable and developmental governance for poverty eradication, the MDGs and sustainable livelihoods in Africa, UNDP is providing both policy support and seed money to consolidate the establishment of AGI as an Africa owned and independent institute.
The funds obtained from UNDP will complement those received from private foundations (OSI, Trust Africa), ECA and AfDB to support the implementation of these activities

UNDP RCP Outcomes
1. Improved democracy and accountability in African States as a means of development effectiveness.
2. Strengthened capacity of African States to institutionalize participatory and developmental governance.

Expected Outputs
Assist AGI in offering a range of tools to achieve its objectives through policy research and advocacy, capacity development and the management of knowledge and collective intelligence on democratic and developmental governance in Africa.